Essential Tips for Grilling American Wagyu Steaks at Home
April 20th 2022

Essential Tips for Grilling American Wagyu Steaks at Home

Even if you consider yourself a backyard grill czar, you'd surely appreciate tips for grilling American Wagyu steaks. Continue reading this article to learn how to cook American Wagyu steaks, and the best ways to season your beef.

Preparing To Cook American Wagyu Steaks

One of the first things you must understand about grilling American Wagyu steaks is the method varies based on the cut. Some steaks, like bone-in or boneless ribeyes, NY strips, and Denver cut steaks benefit from quick, high-heat cooking. Thicker cuts benefit from the reverse sear method of starting the steak over indirect heat and then finishing it over direct heat for the perfect sear.

Let's examine the best ways to grill American Wagyu steaks, whether you're looking for a quick sear or alternative cooking method.

Before Grilling American Wagyu Steaks

Prior to cooking any steak, you should take it out of the refrigerator and allow it to reach room temperature. We recommend taking your steak out at least 30 minutes before you plan on cooking it, but up to an hour before cooking is ideal. This is a critical step to ensure even cooking and the perfect sear.

While your seasoned steaks are coming to room temperature, take the time to get your grill ready. If you're using a gas grill to reverse sear steaks, we suggest setting your burners to high on one side and medium-low on the other. For charcoal grills, put your coals on one side of the grill and leave the other side empty.

This allows you to get a quick sear over the direct high heat without drying out or risking flare-ups burning your steak. Before putting your meat on the grill, lightly rub a towel dipped in oil over the grill grates to avoid sticking and burning.

How To Season American Wagyu Steak

Before adding any seasonings, use a paper towel to pat dry the steak thoroughly. Seasoning your dry American Wagyu steak with salt and pepper when you take it out helps produce that crispy surface top steakhouses are known for. The salt draws out moisture from the beef, creating a brine. After about 40 minutes, it pulls the brine back in, adding flavor.

Because you want the robust flavors of your American Wagyu to shine, little more than salt and pepper are needed. But if you prefer a little something extra, like dry rubs, garlic powder, dry mustard, or cayenne pepper, the best time to add those is when you season with salt and pepper.

One final tip for how to season American Wagyu steaks—be liberal. Now's not the time to be timid. A healthy dose of salt, pepper, and other spices helps develop a crust and deliver incredible flavor.

Grilling American Wagyu Steak

Once your beef is room temperature, properly seasoned, and the grill is ready, it’s time to cook your Wagyu steak. Cooking methods and time vary based on the cut you're using. For thinner steaks like skirts and flat irons, searing directly over the hottest part of the grill is all you need.

American Wagyu steaks that are an inch and a half or thicker, like tomahawks, are best grilled using the reverse sear cooking method. To do this, place the steaks on the side of the grill you prepared without charcoal or to medium-low heat with gas. Assuming medium-rare is your desired temperature, cook your wagyu beef until a meat thermometer reads an internal temperature of 110 degrees.

Once the beef reaches 110 degrees, put the steak over the direct heat side of your grill. Some people insist you only flip your steaks once, but we disagree. We suggest you flip your steak every thirty seconds until both sides develop an irresistible golden-brown crust and the meat thermometer reads 125 degrees.

Once the meat hits the target temperature, take your beef off the grill, lightly tent with foil, and let it rest on a cutting board for five minutes. This gives those liquid gold juices time to redistribute throughout the steak.

Using a Cast Iron Skillet for Even Better Crust

Maybe the only downside of grilling American Wagyu steaks on grates is that it's harder to develop a consistent crust. If it's the perfect sear you seek, a cast iron pan or skillet is what you need. Place the skillet over the coals when you light them, allowing the pan to get very hot. You can pan-sear steaks for the entirety if using a conventional grilling method, or put the steaks in the pan after starting them over indirect heat if reverse searing.

How Long To Cook American Wagyu Steaks

One of the biggest mistakes you can make while grilling American Wagyu steaks is to focus on how long they should stay on the grill. How long it takes to cook American Wagyu steaks depends on:

  • How hot your grill is
  • The thickness of the steak
  • The internal temperature of the steak when you start grilling
  • Your desired temperature

Rather than thinking of cook time, focus on internal temperature. This is where a meat thermometer becomes critical. Because meat continues to cook even after you take it off the grill, remove the meat when it reaches a temperature five degrees less than the temperature you want.

Don't let food snobs shame you for your preferences. The best way to grill American Wagyu steaks is to make the doneness that tastes best to you. The internal temperature of steaks are:

  • Rare: 115 to 130
  • Medium rare: 130 to 135
  • Medium: 135 to 150
  • Medium well: 150 to 160
  • Well: 160+

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