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After all of Good Silver's beautiful American Wagyu steaks, roasts and briskets, ribs, and burgers are ready to ship, there are still some delicacies left to savor. Our marrow bones are as rich and unctuous as they are versatile. They're perfect for creating savory broths and flavor-packed butter or for roasting and spreading on toasted bread. And if you want to earn some brownie points with your furry friends, they're better than any treat you'll find at the pet store.

By adding American Wagyu Cooking Fat to a recipe, your favorite dishes gain the unimaginable savoriness of Good Silver's beef. It gives roasted vegetables an added depth of flavor and fried potatoes the perfect crispy outside and fluffy inside textures, and it elevates eggs to a level previously unknown. And while we know the word “fat” might scare some, the natural fats in our products are a healthier alternative to the processed oils commonly used.

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