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American Wagyu Ground Beef

Size: 1 lb
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The Juicy Details

Ground beef is every bit a staple of American kitchens as milk and bread. That’s primarily because of the tremendous variety it offers home cooks. Whether you want to grill the juiciest, most divine burger you’ll ever taste or add savoriness to tomato sauce, Good Silver’s American Wagyu Ground Beef is sure to enhance your favorite recipes.

What makes our American Wagyu Ground Beef so mouthwatering and flavorful? We make it from the trimmings of our premium American Wagyu Steaks and Roasts. What you get is all the benefits of exquisitely marbled beef paired with the ease of cooking provided by ground beef.

In just minutes, you can season, shape, and sear what’s sure to be your favorite burger. Whether you like the crispy edges of a smashburger or the juiciness of a thick, hand-formed burger patty, once you’ve tried our wagyu ground beef, there’s no going back. The same goes for the hundreds of other ways you can use Good Silver’s beef to elevate your go-to recipes.

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