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American Wagyu Hamburger Patties

American Wagyu Hamburger Patties

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The Juicy Details

Hamburgers are arguably the most American of foods, and as such, they hold a special place in many peoples’ hearts. Maybe they bring back memories of your dad's lighter fluid–flavored backyard specialties or tailgating before the big game back in school. Wherever your mind goes, Good Silver is sure that once you take a bite into one of our American Wagyu Patties, you'll have created your first memory of your favorite burger ever.asdf

From hole-in-the-wall pubs to upscale steakhouses, every dining establishment claims to be home to the best burger in town. And while we're sure they serve up some tasty burgers, we know there's none better than one made from a perfectly formed American Wagyu Patty (or two, or three...). Good Silver's Wagyu Beef Patties pack a flavor that’s every bit as rich, savory, and juicy as our premium steaks—because we make our patties from the intensely marbled trimmings of them.

So whether you want to be the neighborhood's Backyard Hero or treat yourself to an exquisite meal between two buns from the comfort of your own home, our American Wagyu Patties deliver more than satisfaction, guaranteed.