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American Wagyu Cooking Fat

American Wagyu Cooking Fat
Size: 5 lbs
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The Juicy Details

True meat lovers know that flavor, juiciness, and tenderness come from fat. So it only makes sense that adding Good Silver’s American Wagyu Cooking Fat to your favorite recipes adds a whole new depth of flavor and savoriness. That means good entrees or side dishes are only one ingredient away from greatness.

Using American Wagyu Cooking Fat as a butter and oil substitute is as easy as swapping out the ingredients. And while we certainly don’t have a bad word to say about butter or olive oil—until you’ve tried using our cooking fat as a replacement, it’s hard to understand the profound difference it makes. Because beef fat has a higher smoke point than many types of oil, it’s ideal for shallow and deep-frying.

We have good news if the word “fat” has you concerned about health benefits. Compared to most processed vegetable oils that are commonplace in kitchens, Good Silver’s American Wagyu Cooking Fat is a healthier option. The fat content of our premium beef is rich in good cholesterol while having less of the bad, so you can indulge without any guilt.