American Wagyu Picanha Steak

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  • American Wagyu Picanha Steak

Introducing Good Silver Steak Co.'s AMERIBREED™ Wagyu Picanha Steaks – your ticket to experiencing an authentic Brazilian steakhouse sensation without leaving the comfort of your home. These highly sought-after steaks boast exceptional marbling and tenderness, resulting in a truly unforgettable taste experience.

Key Features:

  • Exceptional Marbling: Indulge in the exquisite marbling that sets our American Wagyu Picanha Steaks apart, resulting in unparalleled flavor and tenderness.
  • Rich Flavor Profile: The hearty fat cap of the picanha steak adds a distinct richness to the taste, creating a flavor experience that is truly unforgettable.
  • Self-Basting Juiciness: The natural basting properties of the fat cap ensure the steak retains its juiciness, keeping every bite moist and flavorful.
  • Versatile Cooking Options: Whether you prefer a hot grill for a simple and delicious meal or want to impress guests with churrascaria-style skewering and slicing, our picanha steaks offer versatility and culinary creativity.
  • Authentic Brazilian Steakhouse Experience: Indulge in the flavors and textures reminiscent of a Brazilian steakhouse, right in the comfort of your own home.

When you're craving the authentic taste of Brazilian picanha steak, look no further than Good Silver Steak Co.'s AMERIBREED™ Wagyu Picanha Steaks. Let the exceptional marbling, tenderness, and rich flavor take your taste buds on a journey filled with culinary delight.





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