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The Classy Caveman : Premium American Wagyu Cuts

The Classy Caveman
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Each Flight Pack Contains:
(1) 2.7 lb American Wagyu Tomahawk Chop
(1) 14-16 oz American Wagyu NY Strip Steak
(2) 20-24 oz American Wagyu Bone-In Ribeye Steaks

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your order means everything to us, so we take pride in ensuring an exceptional delivery experience. Our American Wagyu Beef products are vacuum sealed and flash frozen to preserve freshness and bold favor. Your order will arrive the day after we ship it, so you don't have to wait long for that unmistakable Good Silver flavor.

The Juicy Details

The Good Silver Steak Co.'s Classy Caveman Flight Pack allows you to feed your most primal instincts with premium wagyu cuts of beef. So what makes wagyu steak so good? It's a combination of responsibly raised cattle, skilled butchering, and extensive marbling that delivers unmatched tenderness and beefy flavor.

The smell of meat cooking is enough to unleash the inner cave dweller in us all. It's hard to concentrate when your thoughts continually wander back to feeding your instinctive urges for premium cuts of meat. But have no fear, the colossal Tomahawk Chop, NY Strip, and Bone-In Ribeyes of the Classy Caveman are sure to be the best wagyu steaks you're ever going to enjoy.

Recent Product Reviews

Absolutely Fantastic

5 Stars
"Three men, four steaks, ninety-five ounces, zero leftovers. The Classy Caveman was the perfect way to spend a evening on vacation with friends enjoying the finer things in life."
— Henry
Verified Buyer