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American Wagyu Steak Tips

American Wagyu Steak Tips
Size: 1 lb
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The Juicy Details

Do you ever find yourself craving the robust flavor of a tender, juicy steak but not necessarily wanting a steak? Well, thanks to Good Silver's American Wagyu Steak Tips, you can have your steak and eat it too. These bite-sized marbled morsels pack all the flavor and marbling of our premium beef but are small enough to add to a tremendous variety of dishes.

Our American Wagyu Steak Tips are the perfect size for anything from hors d'oeuvres at a holiday cocktail party to show-stopping kabobs during a summer backyard barbecue. They're also incredibly versatile in preparation methods. Our steak tips are ideal for grilling, braising, pan-searing, slow cooking, smoking, and roasting.

So the next time you find yourself hungering for the divine beefiness of steak, but want it to be part of a more put-together dish, reach for your Good Silver American Wagyu Steak Tips.