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American Wagyu Prime Rib

American Wagyu Prime Rib

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Flavor: Rich & Buttery

Flavor: Meaty, Robust, & Balanced
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The Juicy Details

If there's a more satisfying and robust cut of beef than The Good Silver Steak Co.'s American Wagyu Prime Rib steaks, we have yet to discover it. The abundance of marbling in each steak ensures every bite takes you on a juicy, tender, and delicious culinary adventure.

When you think of a prime rib, you probably picture a gorgeous roast placed in the middle of a dining room table for a holiday feast or a celebratory gathering. And while our American Wagyu Prime Rib is undoubtedly worthy of center stage, when your savory steak caving strikes, you don't always have the time or crowd for a roast. So give yourself the steakhouse experience you deserve without leaving the comfort of your own home by ordering Good Silver's individual cuts of American Wagyu Prime Rib.