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American Wagyu Flank Steak

American Wagyu Flank Steak
Size: 8 oz
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The Juicy Details

Being on the go and great steak dinners don’t seem to go together. However, thanks to the superior flavor, versatility, and easy preparation of Good Silver Steak Co’s American Wagyu Flank Steaks, you can treat yourself to the best even in a time crunch. This lean abdominal cut has some of the boldest flavors to savor and can be used for anything from shockingly tender fajitas to better-than-takeout Mongolian beef.

Like inside and outside skirt steaks, the robust beef flavor of flank makes it ideal for bold marinades, seasonings, and sauces. To make the most of this meaty cut, cook it over high heat for a wonderfully charred crust and a delightful medium-rare center. Whether you marinade or not, one of the keys to keeping your American Wagyu Flank Steak tender is always to slice it thin and across the grain.