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Amazing Angus Steakburger Ground Beef

Size: 1 lb
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The Juicy Details

As a proud carnivore, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Angus beef, but do you know what makes it different from other types of beef? Angus refers to meat sourced from Aberdeen cows, a breed known for producing meat with a marbling content that’s second to only one—Good Silver’s American Wagyu.

At Good Silver, we make our Amazing Angus Ground Beef from a blend of the most flavorful cuts, including ribeye, tenderloin, short rib, and chuck. Our combination of natural Angus ground beef hits every level you want—juicy, savory, and flavorful. So whether you’re rolling meatballs, pounding out patties, forming meatloaf, or crumbling for tacos, you can rest assured each bite is going to exceed your expectations.