Valentine’s Day Home-Cooked Dinner Ideas
January 3rd 2023

Valentine’s Day Home-Cooked Dinner Ideas

A soft glow of flickering candlelight dances around the room as you pour two glasses of wine. Classical jazz whispers messages of affection as you arrange the flowers on your dining room table. You check your hair and primp your outfit in the mirror one last time, a bundle of nerves settle beneath your skin like it’s the first date all over again. Yes, love is in the air—and so is the intoxicating scent of perfectly prepared Wagyu steak.

Continue reading for romantic Valentine’s Day home-cooked dinner ideas and tips on how to make sure your American Wagyu beef turns out as flavorful and tender as your love.

Enjoy the Luxuries of a Romantic Steakhouse Dinner at Home

Let’s paint a familiar picture. About a week before Valentine’s Day, you start calling your favorite restaurants to make a reservation, but each call offers little more than “Sorry, we’re already booked,” “Our only open spots are 4:45 or 10:30,” or “We’re doing a special prix fixe menu that starts at $200 per person.”

What was supposed to be a celebration of your relationship quickly becomes a hassle. This year, avoid the stress of rushing home from work, getting the kids ready for the babysitter, and fighting traffic as you rush to make it to the restaurant on time.

Here are some Valentine’s Day home-cooked dinner ideas for an in-house steakhouse experience that exceeds any night out and shows how much you care.

Try Alotta Tenderness

When it comes to fine dining, there’s a certain allure surrounding filet mignon. Up the romanticism and pamper your partner with the suppleness of each bite with this most tender of steak cuts.

And because tenderloins are typically a less substantial cut, ranging from 5oz to 8oz, and have a lower fat content, you’re less likely to feel weighed down just as your night begins. Add a Caesar salad, roasted or grilled asparagus, or sauteed mushrooms to keep things light and delicious. A bottle (or two, we don’t judge) of red wine with soft tannins supports and complements the steak. We recommend a mature Cabernet Sauvignon, Oregon Pinot Noir, Spanish Rioja Reserva, or classic Bordeaux. These pairings allow the subtle beef flavors and smoothness of the wine to sing on your pallet like a beautiful rendition of Love Me Tender.

Enjoy a Shared Experience

If you’re looking for another Valentine’s Day home-cooked dinner idea to help you and yours get a little closer, share in the delights of a tomahawk steak’s buttery texture and robust flavors. And these bone-on beauties are best to share.

For starters, these cuts typically weigh over two pounds. The extensive marbling of a tomahawk delivers incredible flavors, but that richness can sit heavy. Partaking together helps avoid bringing your evening to an unwanted halt.

Preparing Wagyu steaks with hand foods, like steak-cut french fries and battered zucchini sticks, can add to the playfulness while standing up to the boldness of the beef. For a more sophisticated feel, consider scalloped potatoes, tabbouleh, or roasted Brussels sprouts with a balsamic glaze and crispy bits of bacon.

Loosen the mood and elevate your food with a bold, full-bodied, dry red. Bordeauxs and Cabs are the classic pairings, but not the only wines able to hold their own against a tomahawk. Italian Super Tuscans, Barolos, Amarones, and Nobile di Montepulciano are excellent accompaniments and just the boost you need to enjoy the spoils of luxury at home.

Elevate a Classic

If you have a meaningful dish, like one shared early in your relationship or the meal served at your wedding reception, preparing Wagyu steak or ground beef and replacing the standard local grocery store selections enhances the flavors and ups the intimacy.

If nothing else, Lady & the Tramp taught us that something as simple as spaghetti and meatballs can make for an amorous evening. Ordering in some sushi and cooking American Wagyu beefsteak tips in a soy, ginger, and brown sugar-based sauce and indulging with chopsticks is a playful way to enjoy your Valentine’s Day and a simple way to prepare Wagyu steaks.

You can also raise the bar on your favorite cut of steak, like bone-in or boneless ribeyes, prime rib, or a NY strip with an unctuous sauce. Add a bit of spice to your night with a classic au Poivre, or lend an air of sophistication with a creamy hollandaise.

How to Cook American Wagyu Beef

Whether you’re a seasoned home cook ready to take your steak and romance game up another level or a beginner looking for tips, preparing a perfect Wagyu steak can be daunting. To help ease your fears and ensure a wonderful at-home dining experience, we want to share our top tips for preparing this delectable beef. And don’t forget, cooking Wagyu beef for a special occasion should be fun. If something goes awry, your partner will surely appreciate the thought and effort you put into the evening and cherish the moments you created.

First, let’s start with a step-by-step guide on preparing Wagyu steak properly. Before you begin cooking, ensure the steak has been thawed correctly and is at room temperature. Then season generously with kosher salt and pepper to keep things simple. Or add complex flavors with a dry rub of your choice.

Grilling Wagyu Steak

Grilling Wagyu steaks allows you to add the beautiful characteristics of charcoal, smoke, and light char that only a flame-kissed steak offers. When you cook Wagyu steak on your home grill, we recommend developing the crust over direct, high heat for a couple of minutes on each side.

Once the steak is a crusty, golden brown, move it to the other side of your grill to finish over indirect heat. Be sure to use a meat thermometer to ensure you go past medium-rare doneness (unless that’s what you prefer.)

Searing in a Cast Iron Skillet

Pan-searing steaks in a cast iron pan or skillet is another Valentine’s Day home-cooked dinner idea that brings you to beef bliss. Start by adding a light coating of oil. Heat your skillet over medium-high heat until it’s hot enough that a drop of water will sizzle on contact. Add the seasoned steak to the skillet and let it sit without moving it for two to three minutes so that the steak can form an optimal crust. Once the steak is nicely seared, flip it over and cook for another 2 minutes.

Depending on your favored doneness, moving the pan from the stove to the oven might be necessary. There’s no doubt the wonderful sear pan-frying allows for, but a beautiful crust can mask a still raw center. Insert your probe thermometer and finish preparing your Wagyu steak in a 275-degree oven until it reaches an internal temperature of 130 for medium rare.

Reverse Searing

As the name suggests, cooking American Wagyu beef with the reverse sear method flips the steps above. With this technique, you place your steak and cast iron skillet in a 275-degree oven until it reaches five degrees below your target doneness. From there, remove the pan and put it on the stove over high heat.

Sear on each side, about a minute per, flipping until the crust looks perfect. Remove the steak and let rest for five minutes before slicing. Believe us, your patience will be rewarded with an unbelievably juicy and tender steak and will have you falling in love at first bite.

Good Silver American Wagyu Steaks: The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Home-Cooked Dinner Idea

Preparing Good Silver’s magnificently marbled, sensationally savory, and temptingly tender American Wagyu steaks is a spectacular way to show your partner some love this Valentine’s Day. Whether grilling Wagyu steaks or avoiding the cold and staying indoors, our variety of 17 cuts allows you to stick with the classics or try something less familiar, like picanhas, zabutons, and Denver Cuts.

If the season has you in the mood to experiment, we also offer flight packs with a mixture of cuts. We welcome you to visit our shop to explore our full line of steaks, roasts, burgers, and personalized gift cards. And we hope your Valentine’s Day is full of flavor and love.