How Bulk Steaks Help Simplify Large Holiday Gatherings
October 3rd 2022

How Bulk Steaks Help Simplify Large Holiday Gatherings

This holiday season, your family will be brought together by laughter, good times, and especially food. So, how can you prepare your table for a large gathering this year? Keep reading to find out.

Helpful Tips To Preparing the Perfect Holiday Dinner

Nothing beats a good meal with your family. If you’re planning to host a holiday gathering, take a look a few helpful tips for preparing the perfect dinner:

Plan Ahead

While it might seem obvious, the most important step in preparing the perfect holiday meal is to plan ahead. When your family arrives, you'll want to spend time with them, not behind the stove.

That's why it's helpful to start chipping away at the workload before your guests come over. A few weeks before the event, be sure to:

  • Take some time to figure out the guest list and menu.
  • Check to make sure you have enough plates, silverware, and glasses for the event.
  • Gather all of the recipes for the dishes you're planning on making, and store them in one place for easy access.

Even if you don't plan on using recipes, it's still beneficial to write down an outline of the ingredients for each dish. If you're ordering food online, be sure to do it in advance, and don't be afraid to take advantage of quick shipping. If you’re planning on buying your food at the grocery store, be sure to leave enough time to go somewhere else if your first stop doesn’t have everything you need.

Buy Bulk Steaks Online

Once you have your menu finished and recipes in hand, it's time to make your shopping list. If you're planning on feeding a large group, consider buying your steaks in bulk, as it's a convenient way to get high-quality cuts your family is sure to love.

However, it's important to note if you google "online bulk beef providers", you'll have thousands of companies to choose from. If you want to find the best cuts for your crew, consider the following factors:

  • Meat Quality

From professional chefs to amateur cooks, people choose to buy bulk steaks online for one key reason—the cuts are much better than what you can get at the grocery store.

So, when it comes time to find a bulk steak provider, make sure their cuts grade on-par with USDA prime beef, if not higher. Be sure to order from a reputable provider. Trustworthy companies should make it easy to find reviews, whether it's on their:

Additionally, ask your family, friends, or coworkers if they have any experience ordering steaks online. There’s a good chance several of your connections have ordered from a bulk steak provider they’re willing to vouch for or, more importantly, recommend avoiding.

  • Multiple Cuts

The process of ordering bulk steaks online is so simple, the hardest part will be limiting yourself to one type of meat. Luckily, most online steak companies offer sampler packs so you can try a wide range of cuts. Whether you’re looking for roast, brisket, ground beef, or steak—you’ll have a variety of meat shipped straight to your door.

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Steak Meal Ideas Sure To Satisfy Your Table

Simply put, creating the perfect holiday dinner boils down to selecting the right cuts for your table. Take a look at a few steak meal ideas your family is sure to enjoy:

“Family Style” Steak Meal Ideas

When your family comes into town, sometimes it's more fun to simply pass a platter around the table and let everyone dig in. If you're taking a "family style" approach for your holiday dinner, flank steaks, skirt steaks, or inside skirts are the ideal cuts for you. Because these cuts pair well with other flavors, they're perfect for shareable dishes like:

Steak Meal Ideas for Casual Dinners

Want to impress your guests with a lesser known, but universally loved cut? Picanha steaks are the cuts you see at your favorite Brazilian steakhouse, sliced straight from the skewer tableside.

These steaks provide a rich, beefy flavor but with far less fat content compared to ribeyes or strips. Picanha steaks are an excellent idea for large family gatherings, as they complement easy-to-make side dishes, like:

Top-Tier Steak Meal Ideas

On the other hand, if you're looking to wow your guests with top-tier meat, American wagyu steaks are a beloved choice as they score much higher than prime beef.

Due to their high levels of intramuscular fat, the marbling in American wagyu is extremely fine, which results in a more flavorful steak. Additionally, American wagyu comes in several different cuts, including:

It's important to note these high-quality cuts pair well with alcoholic beverages, like:

  • Dark Beers: Porters and stouts are great to pair with top-tier cuts, as the roasted, malty flavors of darker beers perfectly complement thick, rich meats. However, if you ordered a leaner cut, nutty brown ales tend to pair the best.
  • Brown Liquor: Brown spirits with rich caramel notes pair well with flavorful cuts of red meat. You can choose between rye or bourbon, but the most popular option is hands-down scotch. Scotch is an excellent partner for grilled steaks, as the smoky notes of this drink mimic the flavor provided by the grill.
  • Full-Body Wines: Generally speaking, steaks with high-fat content pair nicely with full-bodied wines. For top-tier cuts with a lot of marbling, you'll want to opt for Cabernet, Bordeaux, Barolo, or Merlot.

Feed the Whole Family This Holiday Season With Good Silver’s Bulk Steaks

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Have a look for yourself, and find the perfect cut for your family this holiday.