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Break out The Good Silver.

Gracing china cabinets and felt-lined drawers across the country, “the good silver” has traditionally been reserved for special occasions and fancier fare. But with one taste of our delectably marbled American Wagyu, we’re sure you’ll be dusting it off far more often. Worthy of a downtown date night but crafted for any at-home affair, it’s the only American Wagyu worthy of The Good Silver name.
Tim Paskewitz

Love at first bite.

Having grown up in a cattle-raising family, Tim Paskewitz knows beef like accountants know numbers. So imagine his surprise when he tried his first bite of a Wagyu steak. “At that moment, I thought it was simply too good to be true,” Tim recalls. “Everyone I know has got to try this.” Greatly inspired, Tim would embark on a mission to bring his own brand of this miraculous beef to market. And now, after two decades of perfecting this exclusive strain of American Wagyu, Good Silver steaks are a ready-to-serve reality. Tim’s pretty sure it’ll be love at first bite for you, too.

It's not the cut. It's the cow.

If you’re wondering what makes our American Wagyu so special, allow us to let you in on our little secret. It’s in the breeding. We marry our single-source, fullblood Japanese Wagyu genetics with the finest Jersey cattle, guaranteeing beef that’s at least 50% Wagyu with a uniquely delicious flavor profile. It also means our exquisitely tender, melt-in-your-mouth cuts are readily available whenever the craving strikes. Who knew such an international delicacy could be such a local treasure? (Your friends at The Good Silver Steak Co., that’s who.)
American Wagyu NY Strip Steak cooking in a cast iron skillet

More flavorful marbling. Fewer unsavory calories.

Above and beyond USDA Prime, our buttery beef doesn’t just deliver on the taste scale, but on your weight scale as well. Thanks to superior Wagyu genetics, American Wagyu has a lower content of bad fat than typical beef making it some of the healthiest red meat you can buy. 100% delicious. Zero regrets.
A rustic iron door knocker

Bringing deliciously accessible American Wagyu to you.

Delivering a superb beef product to your door is a responsibility (and a privilege) we don’t take lightly. So not only do we maintain full control of the ever-delicate genetics, we also meticulously manage our cattle from birth to butcher. That means all you have to do is manage your Good Silver order from doorstep to dinnerplate.

We're a responsible breed.

We raise our cattle right because it’s the right thing to do. Our calves enjoy a pleasant growing phase in California’s welcoming climate. When ready for finishing, our calves are moved up to the Midwest to a more controlled environment, keeping them out of harsh elements like hot sun, cold rain and snow. For more than 500 days, they’re fed a strictly vegetarian, mineral-rich diet that not only provides first-rate nourishment, but is also what’s behind the unmistakable flavor of every Good Silver cut.

Throughout the lifecycle, we take great pride in delivering exceptional animal care, paying close attention to our cows’ nutrition and comfort needs. We never use hormones, growth steroids or unnecessary antibiotics. Rest assured, all our calves are born and raised right here in the USA, and we are third-party verified for both natural and non-hormone treated cattle. (It’s always better when you own the process from head-to-tail like we do.) Sure, we’re carnivores, but we’re never corner cutters.

Sterling or Finest?

Select your perfection.

When talking silver, “Sterling” refers to .925 purity whereas “Fine” rates at .999 pure. Like our two marbling tiers, Sterling and Finest, both are excellent choices. Since all our cuts are dependably digital-camera-graded above Prime, we’re able to use the Japanese Beef Marbling Score (BMS). With our Sterling tier, expect a BMS of 4 to 7. Our Finest tier delivers a BMS of 8+. Either way, thanks to the consistency of our single-source genetics, we’re sure you’ll find your order certifiably tender and authentically delicious.

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